EOS Online Training

EOS is a configurable, low cost learning management system (LMS) hosted for you in the cloud.

Training Design

Design multiple training modules with EOS. Include vidoes, slides and instruction documents.

Control the learning sequence.


Add optional tests to help monitor student progress.


Add award certificates for completion, or sucessful test scores.

More Features

Cloud Publishing

EOS is an entirely web-based system. You administer using a web application, upload training materials to the cloud.

Secure Storage

EOS uploads your training materials to Amazon S3** cloud storage to a secure area. Only the students who are allocated material can see it.

Learn Anywhere

Your users access training with your custom EOS website address on any* browser.

Web Hosting

We host EOS for you, so you can concentrate on providing your customers with an effective training scheme.

Low Cost

We charge a modest hosting fee for EOS to cover the running costs.


* We test EOS on the latest versions of IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. It may work also well with others. ** Amazon S3 is an Amazon trademark.